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London City

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The City is a world within itself. Centered in the heart of the metropolis, with its innumerable capacities for commercial pursuits, it presents at first sight, to a stranger, a most mysterious and unfathomable labyrinth of lanes and alleys, streets and courts, of lanes thronged with bustling multitude whose various occupations, though uniting in one grand whole, seem to have no direct association with each other. Explore this beautiful place along with your family through hashtag#AddictionScience2018 conference on Sept 24-25, 2018. *************************************************************************************One free pass for every group registration!!! Don’t miss this opportunity.

Is Gambling an Addiction?


Gambling is often referred to as the “silent addiction” or the “silent killer” because the addiction often goes unnoticed for many years causing great financial and emotional harm before anyone realizes that it’s even a problem. Every gambler has unique needs when it comes to recovery from gambling addiction which is why gambling addiction treatment provides so many different means and methods of care to assist those who are suffering with the tremendous burden of gambling addiction on their shoulders.

Recognizing the Need for Gambling Addiction Treatment

  • Individual is defensive about his or her gambling activities
  • Individual runs out of money or is secretive about money
  • Borrowing to gamble
  • Taking drastic measures in order to fund gambling
  • Depression or altered mood when not gambling
  • Increased happiness when gambling
  • Suicidal thoughts

Types of Gambling Addiction Treatment

Various methods of treatment for gambling addiction are found in both inpatient and outpatient settings.  Most of the time, gambling addiction treatment will consist of some method of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  This method of treating problem gambling focuses on helping the addict to change unhealthy thought processes and behaviors into rational, healthy thought processes and behaviors.  Gamblers learn how to effectively fight the urge to gamble, how to deal with the triggers that cause them to gamble and how to solve problems that have been caused by their addiction.

The following types of treatment are common for those who suffer from gambling addiction:

  • Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Medication for depression or anxiety or other mental health problems
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Support groups

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Effects of Parental Substance Abuse on Children


What many #alcohol and #drug #addicts don’t realize is that their actions affect more than just themselves. By choosing to put their addiction first, they are putting their family, specifically their children, on the back burner. Parents who choose to raise their children in a home where #addiction is prevalent and even considered normal can end up harming their children in an abundance of ways. Children look up to their parents for guidance in a multitude of ways; when that parent’s judgment is affected by #substance #abuse, they can not only cause mental, physical, and emotional trauma, but they can also severely alter or hinder their child’s development in all these stages. Explore your ideas through #AddictionScience2018 conference and get benefited by the eminent professionals gathering at #London on #September 24-25, 2018. Head on to the Tentative Program of Addiction Science 2018 at

Student Ambassador | Addiction Science 2018

Addiction Science 2018

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